How to Guarantee a Successful Meeting

There are just three things you must deliver to guarantee the success of your next meeting.

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First, understand the real goal…the outcome you want to achieve. Do you want to entertain? Enlighten? Spur to action? Move to decision?

Be clear about the REAL goal underlying your meeting and align your topics to it.

Second, know the problems, challenges and opportunities your attendees face.

Whatever the challenges…build your program around them.

Finally, if you want YOUR meeting to stand out, make them FEEL change. Not later, not someday…right there, in your meeting.

That's the job of your speaker.

Roxanne Emmerich transforms businesses with her presentations. Audiences FEEL both the pain of the challenges they face and the joy of the solution.

Attendees to her presentations report rapid and profound business transformations using her Thank God It's Monday™ approach.

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Your presentation was excellent and you opened our conference in a positive, 'WOW' kind of way. I have told all the other meeting planners at the American Bankers Association that ROXANNE EMMERICH® RULES!

John Blanchfield, American Bankers Association

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